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Thank you for your interest in our whitepaper Planning Your Contract Management Roadmap | A Safe and Successful Road Trip.

Contract management has become a critical business function within many organizations and a top initiative for C-Level Executives. Gartner suggests that Contract Lifecycle Management is no longer a “nice to have” initiative, but rather a “need to have” business practice. Given the revenue, expense and profitability impact as well as the risk associated with improper contract management processes - while it may present a variety of challenges - it is no longer one which can be avoided.

Whether it’s a contract management improvement initiative or the implementation of a complete CLM system – unless you’ve led such an initiative before – it likely appears a daunting task.

In our whitepaper, Planning Your Contract Management Roadmap | A Safe and Successful Road Trip, we invite you to join us on our symbolic road trip through the land of contract management. Throughout this piece, we explore various considerations and suggestions on how to successfully navigate your contract management implementation.

Specific focus areas include:
  • Client Readiness and Contract Maturity Goals
  • Implementation Considerations
  • Delivery Considerations
  • Internal and External Participants and Responsibilities
  • Ensuring the Success of your Constituents
  • ROI Justification

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